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Workflow Automation and BPM (Business Process Management) share common fundamentals but there are lot of differences as far as its offerings and capabilities are concerned.
Some of the differences are as follows:
Workflow Automation Solution:
It ensures that at the right time the right person gets the right information about what needs to be in done in what flow. Workflow Automation will improve the efficiency of a work flow by optimising the coordination of the activities of the people and process involved. It will help in creating a work flow engine which knows the procedures, Steps involved in procedures and rules at each step of procedure. It will also identify whether the process is ready to move to the next step.
Business Process Management:
This solution will help in aligning the business processes of the organisation according to the needs and requirements of the business. It will help in increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of the business processes with a scope of improving the business process continuously. BPM is the perfect solution for changing business environment which will adapt the changes in business processes. BPM can be integrated with the other software solutions as well.